If you are on a vacation, your cats should too

Your Affordable, All inclusive & Furtastic "Cats-Only" Boarding Resort

Our Rooms

Deluxe Room

Deluxe rooms are smart and tailored for singles.


Suite offer a variety of spectacular activity elements, can comfortably accommodate up to 2 sibs.


Villa is designed to let cat’s explore and enjoy their natural instinct to roam.

Princess Room


Best of the best! Each penthouse designed with a different theme.

Our Services

Paws Taxi

Paws Camera 24/7

Activity Updates

Glass House Playground

Long Stay Discount

Gourmet Cat Treat

Daily Cuddle

Cat Loving Staff

Who and Why

We were inspired by some of the most developed pet boarding industries around the world, wanted to bring this more “cat-friendly” facility to Australia.

Finally, in our 11th year of living with cats, we opened Paws Hotel, hoping that our professional attentive care and fun-designed room will reduce the anxiety and loneliness of the little furry child when their owners are not around

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Let’s see how we enjoy our vacation at Paws Hotel!

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